Volvaab or Saalvo?



I’d like to welcome Kevin to the CarEnvy.ca writing team. He is an exceptional writer who is probably overqualified to write for us, but don’t tell him that or it’ll go to his head. Kevin enjoys writing for the Chronicle Herald, fighting with East Link e-mail service and will be a great addition to the staff. -CarEnvy.ca, Editor

Here’s a crazy idea. What if Sweden’s two major competitors in the automotive industry merged? Sound as crazy as the idea of Ferrari and Lamborghini merging? Well, our boy Bob Lutz has suggested just that. The Swedish merger, that is, not the Italian one. It’s no secret that automakers are struggling but the Swedish duo seem to be in the ‘more screwed than others’ category. Lutz thinks having the two merge will save both brands….um, and offers to explanation of exactly how. It’s a bit like telling someone to button up their jackets in a hurricane. You’re still going to blow away.

Still, some advantages could be getting these cars back to what they were before GM and Ford screwed them up helped them out. The quirky hatch-only days of Saab’s 900 and 9000 models are missed by most. And who could forget the bulletproof safety of trusty 240’s back in the day?

Fact of the matter is, Volvo is already assured $546 million from the European Investment Bank, with Saab having its hands out for something similar. Is that aid , along with a merger enough to save both brands?

Of equal concern, what would we call it? Volvaab? Saalvo?