The Top Gear Winter Olympics: Like Vancouver 2010, But Better


With the Vancouver experiencing unusually warm weather, the 2010 Olympics are shaping up to be somewhat of a letdown. The Canadian media is all over the fact that snow is being flown into Cypress Mountain, the site of some of the snowboarding events. Canada is supposed to be on the world stage, but this isn’t exactly the lead-up many were hoping for. No matter, they say, because the Olympics are still on home soil and we will be vying for its first gold medal at an Olympic games in Canada.

Canadians are supposed to be hyped and excited for international competition on our home turf, but not this guy. I see the Olympics as nothing more than the exploitation of a city for the benefit of a private organization, the IOC. Cities foolishly lavish gifts upon IOC members in the hopes of being chosen, and at the end of the 10 day extravaganza, the hosting city is left with billions of dollars of infrastructure that is destined to lay dormant and unused, a symbol of the brief flash of national pride.

The Top Gear Olympics, on the other hand, couldn’t make me happier. Even more amazingly for a Top Gear aficionado, I hadn’t seen this until today. Now, I’m sharing it with you. Enjoy!