The People’s Blue Sportscar (VW Bluesport Roadster Concept)



Haven’t you heard? Blue is the new green. At least it is for German auto manufacturers looking to make fuel-efficient cars that won’t be bundled in with the dull-as-dishwater Prius. 

The new VW concept you see above you is no dullard – it’s the Bluesport Roadster. With a mid-mounted 2.0L TDI oil-burner with 180 horsepower and 260 torques, this little Boxster-beater will sprint to 100kph in 6.6 seconds while returning a miserly 4.3L/100km (66mpg on the previously discussed Euro cycle). Me likey. 

And there’s more to likey after the jump. 


This is the kind of car for people like us. People who want it all. Good looks? Check. Sportscar? Check. Fuel-efficient? Check. Potential for open-air motoring? Check. You get the best of every possible world. If VW can bring this vehicle to production and to market in Canada in the mid-$30′s, they’re going to have true car enthusiasts lining up around the block. 

You will rarely hear me rant unapologetically about a vehicle this much but that’s because I’m seriously struggling to find any faults with this vehicle. I’ll reserve final judgement until I get to drive one, which may be never, but that won’t stop be from hoping. 

Check out the gallery to see all the sweet angles of this little baby.