Stick Shift: Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe



Although Rolls Royce has yet to contact me, or any writer, to offer us a ride in the Phantom DHC, or any Phantom model, I don’t feel that it’s fair to deprive our readers of a review of said boat with wheels car. No other car on the road instills the sense of occasion, or has the presence of, a Rolls Royce. The Phantom is at once intimidating and inviting, and it costs as much as most people make in a decade. It’s everything a playboy could want from a car, including the optional brushed aluminum hood and the genuine teak rear deck. It’s what dreams are made of for this boy from Canada. 

As such, I’ve decided to share with you a review of the DHC by my Vanity Fair buddy, Brett Berk. What does a Jewish metropolitan gay think of the ‘vert Roller? Follow the link to find out. 

[Vanity Fair: Stick Shift]