Review of Road-Tested Speed Camera Detectors


9500ixHere at CarEnvy, we love us some performance cars. But the thing about performance cars is that your local enforcement agency doesn’t want you do enjoy them. So, if you want to be boring, you can do that. But if you want to have a little more fun, you’re not going to want to get caught. Thus, the invention of the in-car radar detector. If you’re in the market for a radar laser detector or GPS detector with speed camera detection, there are plenty of models to choose from. Here is a review of some of the newest models from a new contributor to CarEnvy, Vanessa Padreza. Here are some of those results.

“In 2007, Popular Mechanics awarded the Escort Passport 9500i with its coveted “Editor’s Choice Award” at the annual Consumer Electronics show. It was recognized for its “new product design and innovation”, mainly due to its use of GPS to tell the speed of a vehicle and the location of speed detecting cameras and red light fixed-position cameras. With no other unit to compare it to (other than the updated Escort Passport 9500ix and the ultra-elite 9500ci), these units deliver more than radar detection. In road tests, the 9500i tested the longest range of its competitors and provides a database of known speed camera locations. Its GPS-powered smart database knows what types of signals can cause false alarms, stopping the alert before it occurs. It also learns with the driver by accepting commands to silence false alarms and new speed traps, should they be encountered.

Further, this unit (and the other 2 Escort Passport radar detectors mentioned above) also utilizes GPS to pinpoint the car’s speed and proximity to speed cameras and red light camera intersections. This helps protect drivers from speeding on streets where speed camera detectors are installed. This means that the technology helps alert drivers to upcoming speed traps. How does it do this? When road tested, the Escort Passport models outperformed the rest by consistently providing advanced warning to users with plenty of time to slow down (its long-range detection made a huge difference). With this feature, drivers were able to get plenty of warning ahead of time.

Another excellent performer was the Beltronics GX65 radar detector. It also comes with a GPS-based speed camera and red light detection system and offers superior long-range radar and laser detection. Thousands of locations are already included with the unit and it is completely programmable by the driver as well as updated easily online (for a fee). It performed well in false alarm elimination, though didn’t outperform the Escort models. This unit is comparably priced with the Escort 9500i with slightly fewer features. This device also includes a signal strength meter, city mode options, and complete immunity from the police’s VG-2 detector.

Not to toot Escort Radar’s horn, but the last radar detector worth mentioning in road tests is the Escort Passport 9500ci. Though more costly than all the rest, for about $2000 (after installation), this professionally-installed unit provides the ultimate in GPS-powered radar and laser defense. Though no guarantees are made by the manufacturer for this unit to make the user completely invisible, it passed the stringent expectations of the site “Radar Test”, an independent testing and review site.

Choosing the right unit for your driving needs is an important decision and is one that can either cost you dearly or save you the headache of moving violations. These 3 radar detectors fit the bill as road-tested and approved options for any driver.”