Do you Want a Stealth Audi R8? I Do. (Ai Designs Blackbird)



Ai Designs, a car customization company out of New York, has made what they are calling the Audi R8 “Blackbird”, after the famed SR-71 Blackbird stealth reconnaissance plane. They have made a number of small changes to the look of the car, but they have added some seriously sneaky features overall. Details after the jump.

The single biggest addition is the Passport 9500ci, which does all of the normal laser and radar detection, and then some. The 9500ci determines the source of radar signal and analyzes other data to weed out false alerts. That’s not all though, the 9500ci allows the Blackbird to shift or scramble incoming lasers, so that it is impossible to get a clear reading of the car. It is also programmed to inform the driver of any safety cameras in the US and Canada, and is itself immune to detection. A radar detector detector simply doesn’t pick up a signal from the 9500ci. Ai Designs didn’t just install this can call it a day though. They also integrated an iPhone that will constantly update the on-board database of safety cameras.

In addition to all this tech, the car has a computer controlled muffler, allowing the driver to make his car as loud, or as quiet (more the point, methinks), as he wants. Then, just to ram home the theme, they blacked out everything on the exterior of the vehicle that wasn’t already black.

It’s currently for sale at the New York Motor Club. After you buy it, contact me for the shipping address.

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