Reflecting During The Holidays


Every day is an opportunity for us to reflect and yet it’s during the holidays that we actually get enough breathing room between the incessant buzz of modernity and ourselves to make it happen. So let’s take this moment.

We have much to be grateful for: Peace in our country, heat in our homes, cars in our garages (maybe even a Fiat 500), food on our plates, and loved ones nearby. And more.

CarEnvy is also grateful for where we came from. Just over four short years ago, in October 2008, CarEnvy bursted forth from the frozen landscape with short drive reviews of the Lexus IS-F, Lexus LX570, and Lexus RX400h all in the same day. Oh how very, very far we’ve come. Exactly four years ago, we visited Cuba and marveled at the rolling automotive museums in the streets. Exactly three years ago, we played badminton in the Honolulu Open and saw Schumacher’s 2002 F1 car. Exactly two years ago, we volunteered in Costa Rica where we ran head-on into a non-Porsche Cayman and lived to tell the tale. Exactly year ago, we toured Maui in a Kia Soul and bicycled down the Haleakalā volcano. This year, we’re in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with friends and family, braving -30C temperatures and experimenting with low-carb nutrition just when ginger snaps and perogies are tempting us the most. The journey, as challenging and rewarding as ever, continues.

Thank you so very much for following CarEnvy’s journey over the past 4+ years. It’s been an honour to share our stories with you and we’re very excited for the year ahead.

Merry Belated Christmas, Happy Belated Hannukah, Happy New Year, and a very Happy Holidays!

Yours Most Sincerely,


[Image Credit: 500blog]