Porsche Shooting Brake is Fake


We’re pretty astute here at CarEnvy. That’s why we didn’t bite when news broke over the interwebs of a Porsche shooting brake that was supposedly caught on video a while back.

Something just didn’t seem right about it. It looked like a Cayman with a Volvo C30 rear end and an almost Mini-esque type roof. Why would Porsche want to build something that is even more niche than the Cayman itself? And Porsche isn’t exactly known for having radical departures in their designs.

Well, many autoblogs and websites fell for it and the rumour started to spread like wildfire. Ah, the power of the internet.

Turns out  former editor Jared Holstein at TopGear.com was the trickster and got help from summer interns to hatch the scheme. Find out how they did it here. In the video, you can actually see the Stig’s signature white helmet in the hatch around the 9 second mark.

So, were they just bored? Why go through all the trouble?

“It’s never been done before,” Mr. Holstein said. “We love wagons. And we wanted to see what we could accomplish with a high degree of sophistication, but with only a conservative effort.”

Holstein goes on to say if Porsche did build a shooting brake he’d strip at bachelorette parties in order to make enough money to buy one….the things us petrol heads will do for cars.