And the White Stig is… (Top Gear Stig Revealed)




British automotive show Top Gear’s “tame racing driver,” the Stig, has revealed himself. As well all know from when the Black Stig revealed himself, he will probably soon get sacked in favor of a Stig of a different color. The identity of the Stig is a closely guarded secret by Top Gear, and the man behind the famous black/white suit is contractually obligated to never let anybody know who he is. You are probably getting to the “JUST TELL ME WHO IT IS” phase now so hit the jump.

Ben Collins.

The Stig is Ben Collins. He has competed in a number of races, such as Le Mans and NASCAR, and most recently was Daniel Craig’s stunt man for the driving scenes in Quantum of Solace

Fans have been on the trail of the Stig’s true identity for a while, most notably with a YouTube video comparing the sound of the Stig’s voice with that of Collins’. ( One construction worker, Jason Goody, also unearthed him when he was working in Collins’ home and saw the famous white suit on display in a glass case. If my job’s stability relied on nobody discovering my identity. I certainly wouldn’t display my costume openly. Batman doesn’t keep his bat-suit in the cloak room. It’s in some fancy pneumatically operated cabinet in a secret cave under a secluded mansion. People don’t wander in on something like that.

The deathblow to the Stig’s secrecy, however, came when he went into a gallery in Bristol to request the production of a limited edition Stig print. The gallery owner described himself as “shocked” to discover the Stig’s true identity.

My telepathetic powers are telling me we will soon have a red Stig.

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