Mark Your Calendar: DRIVEN 2009



Saturday, June 6th from 1pm to 10pm at the Mayfield Trade Centre (in Edmonton AB). That’s what you need to copy and paste into iCal. Why? DRIVEN 2009.

What is this DRIVEN thingy all about? Basically, it’s an “Auto Culture Tradeshow”, which meant exactly nothing to me, until I read the press release, which I will now summarize in a single sentence. The general gist of it is that DRIVEN 2009 will be one big tuner-gasm, including the requisite chrome rims, noisy exhaust, scantily-clad females, and hip-hop music. On the bright side, there will be a Ford GT, Audi R8, and a Conti GT.

If you want more details, follow the link. You will find Emmet and I lurking around the Mayfield Trade Centre on Saturday so you should come join us. Come on!

[DRIVEN 2009, Edmonton]