Ken Block Is Clinically Insane – Trax STI Car


Screen shot 2009-11-02 at 8.13.09 PM

If ever a rally driver exploited the power of the internet and went viral, it’s Ken Block. The man who made “gymkhana” and his own household names always keeps a busy schedule. Between filming his own nonsense, he was featured in an episode of Top Gear, has been rumoured to be working his way into a WRC seat, and now this. This. I scarcely know where to start.

It doesn’t handle particularly well, probably on account of the lifted ride height instituted to give the tracks clearance from the body, but the go-anywhere bad-assery more than makes up for it. And the reactions of skiers and snowmobilers is Mastercard priceless. I can see the commercial now…

[YouTube via Hooniverse]