Jeremy Clarkson Drifts Jaguar XKR While Wearing Scuba Flippers?


A few days ago we saw an excerpt from Jeremy Clarkson’s new Duel DVD. Now, another. Some of you may remember when Jeremy, James, and Richard when to Spain to wage the battle of the German super-saloons with the Audi RS4, Merc C63 AMG, and the BMW M3 (yes, I know they used the coupé). At the end of the Stig’s track session in each car, and after the M3 had thoroughly trounced the other two, Clarkson was so upset with the Stig’s lack of car control in the C63 that he challenged the robot in the white suit to drift the car precisely over an apple on the edge of the track.

Well this is kind of like that. But with a Jaguar XKR convertible. And scuba flippers.

The German super-saloon battle is below, just to refresh your memory.

[Axis of Oversteer, YouTube]