It Should Have Been Glenn Beck


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I’m sure that if you watch your favourite news drivel station with any kind of frequency, you’ll see the victims of various car accidents sprawled across your living room screen. This is doubly true for viewers of Fox News. This kind of sensationalist “journalism” leads many to believe that cars are impossibly dangerous and that no one should drive faster than 12 kph, that we should neuter all new cars with excessive safety devices that just add weight, and give them all huge vertical front bumpers so pedestrians will be ok. Or else the world will implode and all our children will die.

Speaking of sensationalist “journalism”, haaaave you met Glenn Beck? He’s the Fox News muppet who suggested that Barack Obama was using health care reform (making it closer to Canada’s system) as “reparations for slavery”. Any Canadian who has ever been to a MediCentre or hospital will see the error in that statement. And any human can see the offensiveness and racism of Beck’s suggestion.

Since Glenny boy airs on the undisputed champion of misleading, unfounded sensationalism: Fox News, wouldn’t it be deliciously ironic if he were the victim of over-the-top media coverage following a car accident he was involved in?

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