How Hard Can It Be?: Datsun 260Z



Welcome back to HHCIB, where we show you what kind of trash gems in the rough you can waste invest your money in! Today I give you a Datsun 260Z of unknown model year, that the current owner assures is in fairly good shape, considering that it’s in awful shape. Craig’s List is such an incredibly source of worthless junk. Details after the jump.

In order to help our readers out, I’ve edited the original Craig’s List post for the sake of truth. My edits are in BOLD RED.

Rare 260Z. Great project or parts car Is nowhere near functional, many is just a heap of extra parts. We have an extra engine and extra transmission, you’ll need them. Some very little rust in the front fenders, and quite a bit elsewhere. What’s left of the body is straight and needs interior. $500 Gets it all. FIRM!


Also, props to the poster for not figuring out how to rotate an image. 

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