Formula 1: Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel Dominates British GP at Silverstone



Today, the Austrians (Red Bull GmbH) and the Germans (Sebastian Vettel) teamed up today to re-enact the Second World War air raids on London. Although instead of bombs there was a dominant car, instead of London it was Silverstone, and instead of the Second World War it was the 2009 British Grand Prix. Ok, so it was exactly nothing like those notorious air raids. 

Incidentally, today was the last British GP. Period. After an illustrious 60 year history, the FIA has pulled the plug on the event for the 2010 season. If there is a 2010 season, that is.

Being the last event of its kind, hopes were high for the a homegrown hero to take the crown. Since defending champion Lewis Hamilton is strapped to an uncompetitive McLaren car, the weight of the UK was on the shoulders of Jenson Button. With an 87% win-rate this season, the Brawn GPer was ready for the challenge – until a disappointing 6th place in qualifying yesterday, that is.

Hamilton ended up in, gulp, 16th. Button in 6th.

That left the podium for Red Bull Racing, who took the one-two. Vettel took the top spot and teammate Mark Webber took second. Third spot went to Brawn’s Rubens Barrichello.

For the season, Button is still leading the Driver’s Championship with 64 points and Brawn still leads the Constructor’s Championship over RBR by 105 to 74.5.

[Yahoo! Sports UK, photo credits: AP]