Graham-London G-BGP-001: Gimme That Brawn GP Swag!


graham-london-brawn-gp-le-oversize-2brov.b32a.k10nRoss Brawn and his Brawn GP Formula 1 team have a sponsor in the form of Graham-London, the British-sounding but Swiss-made watchmaker. The Chronofighter and the Silverstone are two of Graham-London’s renowned models, and now they’re both available in G-BGP-001 spec.

I’m a big fan of Swiss watches with silicone bands and almost as big of a fan of Brawn GP and its Ferrari/McLaren-stomping strategy. Put these two together and I’m considering dropping out of school or selling my cars to get my hands on one of these timepieces, even if they are grotesquely large in dimension and perturbingly flash in perception. Ok, so maybe I’ll stick with my Tissot T-Touch Titanium with its flamboyantly orange silicone band.

If I had to have a G-BGP-001, it’d be the Chronofighter. That grenade-pin mechanism is legendary.

[Graham-London via Autoblog]