Ford Goes To The Top Of Monthly Sales In Canada



I’m apparently not the only Canuck who thinks that Ford is making the best products it ever has, and with the imminent launch of the Fiesta, Taurus (and Euro Focus?) on our shores, Ford’s future is as bright as the lime-green Fiesta that I keep seeing on TV ads. All this great product, and the minor fact that Ford is the only Detroit-based automaker to not file for bankruptcy protection down South, means that Ford is rolling the competition in monthly sales. More below.

In June, for the first time in 50 years, Ford was the number one selling automaker in Canada with 27,408 vehicles sold. That’s an increase of 24.6% in the face of a 13.2% downturn in overall car and light truck sales. Talk about increasing your market share.

Just to give you some perspective on the monumental accomplishment of Ford Canada in June, Chrysler was down 58%, GM was down 31%, and Toyota and Honda were each down 17%.

If gas prices were higher, I’m not sure that Ford would have seen a 59% increase in sales of the F-150, but then again, this is Canada.

Either way, congratulations are due to the boys and girls from Michigan. Keep it up.

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