F1 News: Flavor Flavio Brings It To Brawn GP



It’s been a busy week in F1. Firstly, the diffuser row that has created such drama (both on track and off) was finally decided by the FIA Court of Appeal, which found in favour of Brawn GP, Williams, and Toyota. Of course, some people were less happy about this than others—most notably Flavio Briatore. As he was characteristically parsimonious with phrasing, we’ve naturally stuck what he had to say after the jump. Follow on if you wish to read more…;)

To kick things off, Briatore suggested that Brawn GP may not get the 30m pounds due to Honda for TV rights, saying instead that the money should be equally distributed amongst the rest of the teams who now needed to play catch-up with their diffusers. He then went on to describe Rubens Barrichello as being a “pensioner” and Jenson Button as “boring as a milestone.” Mr. Briatore might want to consider counseling to get further into touch with his feelings, as we sense he may be holding back in a very unhealthy manner. Ross Brawn has rather classily refused to hash it out in public, preferring instead to settle all debates by bringing it on the dancefloor on the track.

Of course, drama is never truly over in F1 until a newer, bigger presentation has come along to take its place; indeed, I predict we’ll be hearing about the fallout from this investigation for weeks more, at the very least. What’s that, you say? Don’t believe me? How about the rumour that Ferrari have engaged in past car design improprieties being raised by none other than the FIA themselves?

The most interesting breakdown and explanation of the entire thing that I’ve seen so far has been Mike Gascoyne’s, here.

And, of course, there was also a GP held in Shanghai this past weekend, during which we got one step closer to the triple-Seb podium that I’d love to see but probably never will. Also of note was the fact Mark Webber’s curse appears to have been lifted! We’ll have to see if his and Red Bull Racing’s luck holds going into Bahrain…