Deal of the Day: Ford RS200 Evolution



Today, I’m using the term “deal” very loosely. Mainly because I have no clue how much the car in question costs. Regardless, this is the Deal of the Day because it’s for sale – and when you’ve got something for sale of which there are only 24 in existence, you’ve got yourself an opportunity. And opportunity = deal.

Ever heard of the RS200 before? No? Well there’s only one number that you need to know: 2.1. Two point one.

Find out the twofold significance of this number after the jump.

Firstly, 2.1 is the displacement of the turbocharged 4-cylinder Duratec engine.

Secondly, 2.1 is the time it takes this seemingly-mundane Ford to hit 60 mph from a stop. Doesn’t it take a Bugatti Veyron 2.5 seconds? Yes, yes it does. The RS200 is in a league all its own.

The formula? 4WD + 650 bhp + mid-engine + 2315 lbs.

Plainly, the RS200 is one of those cars that makes a collector’s garage just a little bit cooler. It has rally heritage, it has a sleeper badge, and it’s the fastest car in a straight line that I can think of. And it’s probably completely terrifying not bad around a corner.

You can see why this car was banned from competition in European rallies…

[Autotrader Classics via Autofiends]