Da Streetz: Lexus ES250



This is a new one for me. The Lexus ES250. I suppose this has something to do with my age, something to do with the length of time I’ve been following cars, and something to do with this car only being produced for 3 years, but older Lexuses are a bit foreign to me. No pun intended. 

According to Wikipedia, it looks like this little gem started the Lexus onslaught in North America, along with the famously reliable LS400. The littlest Lexus wasn’t as popular as the big LS, though. This was probably due to the fact that the ES was Camry-based and the LS was on a dedicated (and all-new) platform. Who knew that Toyota’s Camry-platform-whorefest goes back some 20 years? (Note: Today, the Camry platform underpins the Lexus RX350, the Lexus ES350, the Toyota Venza, and maybe even some others)

I learn something new everyday.

And no, that brown stuff on the left part of the trunk isn’t the reflection of an overhead tree, it’s rust. There’s another pic of this cubic zirconia diamond in the rough after the jump.


My apologies for the quality of the photographs. One of these days, the iPhone will get a better camera, or I’ll just buy a dedicated camera. We’ll see who gives first – me or Steve Jobs.