China thinks Renaults are unsafe…seriously


In a classic ‘pot calling the kettle black’ move, China has reportedly banned Renault from selling its vehicles in the red nation because they claim they are not safe.

Renault sells four of its models in China: the Laguna, Scenic, Megane and Megane Coupe-Cabriolet. All have received exceptional five star safety ratings from ECAP.

So what’s China’s deal?

Short answer: No one knows. Chinese officials will not specify exactly what makes all these French cars unsafe, other than simply saying they pose “serious safety risks”.

They have mentioned that Renaults have “many times revealed quality problems”, but every car company experiences quality problems from time to time. Even the self proclaimed king of safety, Volvo. But no one would suggest banning Volvos, right?

At the end of the day though, this is unlikely to affect Renault at all since they only sold under a thousand vehicles in China last year.

Still, their reputation is on the line in what is sure to be a very lucrative market in the future.

Renault has yet to officially reply to these allegations, but my suggestion would be to simply respond by showing this video.