Top 5 Banned Car Commercials (Okay, Top 6)


Advertising is powerful. Advertising is pervasive. Advertising is also frequently ignored because it’s absolutely everywhere. Except Sao Paolo, Brazil. But other than that, it’s on buses, benches, billboards, bicycles, and burritos. You’ve never seen a burrito with an ad on it? You need to get out more.

We’ve been inspired by Hyundai’s latest banned ad – seen above, developed by Amsterdam ad agency Fitzroy and only mildly creepy – to compile a list of our all-time favourite banned car commercials. Here are the top 5 (that’s not including the one above!)!

5. “Bollocks” is the theme of this confusingly PSA-like ad from VW. Very cute.

4. There’s there’s the Ford Ka, a car slowly becoming a design icon in our eyes, and its cruelty to animals. Cover your eyes!

3. It’s not what you think! It’s just a Durango.

2. These three dark-haired Playboy Bunny-wannabes could be singing Portuguese. Or it could be a complete acid trip. There’s no way to know for sure.

1. You could learn a thing or two from these insults in this ad from Romanian car builder Dacia.

Which one had you laughing the hardest?