Axis Tuesday: A Story About BMW



Whether or not you realize it, CarEnvy has Axis Tuesday every Tuesday where we try to focus on Japanese, German, and Italian cars. I realize that this has never been explicitely mentioned, but today I thought I’d share this tidbit with you because otherwise this article will seem (even more) out of left field. 

The picture you see above may be the most accurate portrayal of Chris Bangle and his designs. Ever. This depiction is missing the X6 and the upcoming V5 and X1, though. No matter because it is still brilliant. Where did this doodle come from? Not me. 

But to focus entirely on one crayon drawing of Chris Bangle would be to miss the rest of the story and the reason for this article. This article is meant to share the wonderful minds and literary skills of the folks at Hyperleggera with CarEnvy readers. This is a story about BMW, Munich, lederhosen, and Rolls Royce. A brief summary and a link to the story are after the jump.

The story recounts some camera-hating BMW execs and their desire for Ordnung (order). In betwixt and between is a journalist who has a revelation about Chris Bangle’s designs and sees that they can make sense, in the right context. The journalist also experiences the manufacturing of a Rolls Royce Phantom and is awed by its scale. 

I don’t want to ruin the whole thing though. It’s a great read. Just click on the bold “Hyperleggera” below to find the original article. Be sure to open a tab to Altavista’s Babel Fish as well, you’ll need it. 


[Hyperleggera via Jalopnik]