Axis Tuesday: Which Pagani Did I Just See?



If you are asking yourself this question, then we’ve got the article for you courtesy of Hyperleggera. These are the same folks that brought you Chris Bangle in Crayon, so you know they’re a little off the beaten path imaginative.

As is often the case on the snowy streets of Edmonton, Alberta, I occasionally run into a Pagani that I can’t quite discern the model of. This is understandably troubling to an automotive connoisseur such as myself. If you too are having the same problem, then follow the jump. 

Peter Orosz does a remarkable job of recounting the history of the remarkable Italian coachbuilder while simultaneously giving you the visual clues needed to differentiate every Pagani model from the original C12 to the latest Zonda R (and even the mysterious C12 UFO). Thank you Mr. Orosz for putting to rest the cause of so many sleepless nights wondering “which Pagani did I just see?”

[Hyperleggera Zonda Guide]