Apparently The Rich Don’t Like Being Shot (Mercedes-Benz E-Guard)




Because people are generally not cool with being shot, Mercedes is releasing an armoured version of their E-class sedan. Because the people who shoot at the rich keep buying better guns, armoured car technology has to keep advancing. More after the jump.

Underneath the sheet metal Mercedes has inserted steel plates and Aramid, a synthetic fibre used in personal body armour. They’ve also replaced the windows with a polycarbonate. In short, the new E-class variant should be able to withstand close range shots from a .44 magnum or an explosive fragmentation device equal to a DM-51 hand grenade. The paranoid and wealthy can now feel safe from everything except high powered rifles, RPGs, and midsize high explosive bombs. While the tires themselves are not Aramid reinforced or concrete filled, they are run-flats, so when the thug shoots your tires, you’ll still be able to get away at a respectable 80 kph.

Luckily, those who are style consious and on a mob hit list can still look nice, as the E-Guard will be almost indistinguishable from the standard unarmoured death box that is an E-class. This all comes at a price though, and that price is USD $13,000 (appx. $16,000) over the cost of a regular E-class. I say save yourself $16,000 and tick off the mob.

[Left Lane News]