Video: I Suddenly Want A BMW X1



I’m not an SUV guy, let me just get that out there. And I really dislike the new CUV craze. It doesn’t make any sense why someone would want an AWD vehicle that couldn’t off-road but still has high ground clearance and therefore ruined dynamics. I like my AWD though, but I usually prefer it to be attached to hatchbacks, wagons, and even sedans. I also like turbocharged engines because of the power that can be obtained from a small displacement engine and the associated fuel economy gains of a smaller engine. Being a gearhead, manual transmissions are also preferable. Basically, a BMW 135xi would be ideal, if they made such a thing. Of course BMW won’t make such a vehicle because North American likes their SUVs and CUVs too much. So instead of a 135xi, we’re going to get the X1. I think I just threw up a little. 

So by all accounts, I should despise the BMW X1. It’s not particularly good looking, it’s a “crossover”, and it has a high ride height but no off-road ability. In its favour though, is the availability of AWD, a 6-speed manual, and BMW’s marvelous twin-turbo straight six. After you watch the following video, I think you’ll agree with me when I say that the new X1 would be just about perfect for Canada if you just lowered the suspension by a couple of inches and made it the height of a normal car. Arctic Circle hoonage is after the jump.

[YouTube via Motor Authority]