Video: Captain Jack Really Can’t Die.


Fifth Gear’s venerable Tiff Needell was filling the position of navigator to actor John Barrowman’s rally driver in a £120,000 ProDrive Subaru Impreza, where they were working in a training area in Powys, Wales. Barrowman lost control of the car while doing about 80MPH, and the car slid down a verge and managed to roll four times before nearly plummeting into a lake at the bottom of a hill.


Emergency crews removed Barrowman and Needell from the car with only minor injuries; Barrowman required removal of some glass from his eye before being sent off to the hospital for a checking over. Luckily, both Needell and Barrowman have managed to walk away relatively unscathed, with only minor cuts and bruises and a terrifying tale to show for the incident.

No confirmation has yet been given from sources at Torchwood as to whether or not the race site was sufficiently far enough away from the Rift for it to have not played a major part in events.

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