Video: Real Drivers Drive 911s – Ruf CTR Yellowbird


Back in the day when AWD was called Quattro and you could only find it on rally cars, the 911 was considered the penultimate sports car. If you were driving a 911 then, there was no traction control, no stability control, and no AWD to save your lousy-driving ass. The 911 was all about ass-engined snap-oversteer. But one 911 stood out about all the rest. It was nearly untamable because it boasted some 469 hp and 408 torques from a twin-turbo flat-six, all going to the rear wheels. In 1987, the Ruf CTR Yellowbird was faster around the ‘Ring than the Porsche 959 or the Ferrari F40 at 8:05. Pedestrian by today’s standards because now we have 4-door sedans that can top that. But after watching this video, you’ll realize just how much driving skill is required to go that fast when there are no electronic nannies to help you.