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Top 5 Banned Car Commercials (Okay, Top 6)

Advertising is powerful. Advertising is pervasive. Advertising is also frequently ignored because it’s absolutely everywhere. Except Sao Paolo, Brazil. But other than that, it’s on buses, benches, billboards, bicycles, and burritos. You’ve never seen a burrito with an ad on it? You need to get out more.

We’ve been inspired by Hyundai’s latest banned ad – seen above, developed by Amsterdam ad agency Fitzroy and only mildly creepy – to compile a list of our all-time favourite banned car commercials. Here are the top 5 (that’s not including the one above!)!

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What Do Hyundai and Volkswagen Have That Toyota Doesn’t? Quality!

Based on what you see above, you’ll agree that this new 2011 Hyundai Sonata (no, that isn’t the Passat CC) has more inspired and engaging styling than the benchmark Toyota Camry. But what you can’t tell from the pictures is how the car feels. So let me tell you that it feels solid and well screwed together. Like, no joke.  In fact, I’ll go as far to say that the new Sonata is better than the Camry, and for that matter all the other midsize sedans. I had an inkling that this statement might be true, but the Korean company’s presence at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show cemented it for me.

It was there that I saw the 2011 Sonata in the metal and had the opportunity to explore the car a bit. This car was so surprisingly adequate that I needed to compare it to Toyota, the reigning champion of North American sales. And adequacy. But I’ll get to that in a second because there were also the 2010 Tuscon, the Genesis brothers, and the Genesis Coupe drift car that some dude named Rhys Millen uses to extract smoke out of rubber. And all of these cars had a big impact on me. I know it has been said before that Toyota’s quality is slipping, but it wasn’t clear to me how badly the Koreans are now beating the Japanese titan, and therefore everyone else. But it isn’t just Hyundai that is sneaking up on the Big Two of GM and Toyota, it’s Volkswagen too. It has been well-publisized that Volkswagen plans to be the world’s largest automaker by 2018, but based on what I saw at the CAS, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were the Koreans first. Either way, both brands are on the rise.

More proof and less rhetoric are below.

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Video: 2011 Kia Cadenza – How Very… German?

Say goodbye to Kia’s hackazoarus E-Class poseur, the Amanti, and say hello to the Cadenza (which looks remarkably like the KND-5 concept we saw in April). If you’re wondering why it looks so sharp, so Teutonic, look no further than Kia’s current design director Peter Schreyer. On this man’s back alone, Kia is poised to reinvigorate the inexpensive car segment. Together with parent company Hyundai’s supreme powertrain development (most notably with GDI), Kia is doing what Honda did in the early 70′s.

For those self-loathers in need of an Amanti memory refresh, see below.

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Hyundai’s Cheapeast PR Coup Ever

You probably recall our post last week about how Canada houses the worst parker in the world? Likewise, you probably recall our mention that Hyundai presented one of the unfortunate victims of this Toronto blight with a shiny new Elantra.

Here’s video of the presentation. It’s a shiny new Elantra Touring wagon. And Todd Jamison, the owner of both the old, squashed Elantra and now the shiny new one—looks completely shocked!

Great luck for him…and way to seize the moment, Hyundai. Maybe that’s why in the midst of a worldwide economic downturn, Hyundai are still doing fairly well. Or, you know, there’s the Genesis coupe and sedan…


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Spyshots: Hyundai Nuvis HCD-11 Concept


Since I (only half-jokingly) suggested that Car Envy split off into Hyundai Envy and Kia Envy, I’m gonna roll with the Hyundai news. No other manufacturer seems to be doing anything interesting, so what am I supposed to do? Today we have some spyshots in advance of the Nuvis’ official reveal at the New York Auto Show next week. Gullwing doors? Check. Floating seats? Check. Hyundai is on a roll.

So you’ve seen one of the spyshots, now follow the jump to see the rest.

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Guess The Car (Kia KND-5/VG Concept)


Let’s pretend for a second that you’re one of those people who don’t read the titles of articles. Now, take a good look at this picture and see if you can guess who makes it. Keep in mind that it is a concept, albeit a thinly-veiled one. Notice the character line along the profile, the shapely headlights, the Audi-esque front diffuser, and the overall attractiveness of the design. Speaking of Audi, just wait until you see the taillights. There’s more than a little B8 A4/A5 in them.

So make your guess and follow the jump to see if you’re right!

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Walkaway + Hyundai: Tapping Into New Car Buyer Uncertainty


Surely you’ve heard of Hyundai’s Assurance program by now. There’s no other auto manufacturer that’s currently running a program like it, and it shows—Subaru’s got its personality, sure, but which other auto manufacturer is actually managing to turn a profit in our current economy? It’s Hyundai. But what’s behind the program?

To find out more, follow the jump.

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Review: Tau-er of Power (2009 Hyundai Genesis 4.6L Tech)


The 2009 Hyundai Genesis has been getting praise left, right, and centre from the media. It has already garnered the 2009 AJAC Canadian Car Of The Year as well as the North American Car of the Year. Impressive for a company that is still remembered for entering the North American market with the much-maligned Pony. Hyundai is certainly on a roll right now in terms of both product and sales (they are one of the few companies experiencing real growth in the rapidly-contracting NA market). The Hyundai Genesis represents the first time that the Korean manufacturer has sold a rear-wheel-drive platform for our market. The Genesis name is available on the back of a sporting coupe aimed at the Camaro/Mustang/370Z, as well a sedan that competes in the luxury segment against the S-class/7-series/LS models. Now, has tested the fully-loaded sedan with the 375 hp 4.6L “Tau” V8 and the Tech Package.

Follow the jump for the unfiltered driving impressions. 

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