News: Mini Cooper Convertible (2009, not 2005)


Check out the “new” Mini Cooper Convertible (aka Cabrio)! Not only does it look exactly like the old one, but it’s 10% more expensive too! So what kind of changes has Mini employed to justify the price increase? A slight increase in horsepower, the use of a turbocharger instead of a supercharger, a 22lb weight reduction, a new rollbar, a top that can be lowered when driving at speeds up to 20 mph, and slightly larger cargo space. Most of these changes were on the regular Mini last year, and now it’s the Cabrio’s turn. 

Seeing as how Mini had no problem selling its vehicles before the ultra-mild refresh, we suspect that the price increase is designed to milk the consumer. I mean, if they were going to buy in anyways, why not make a little more money? 

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We here at CarEnvy still think that the Mini is a great little car. Not only is it a very logical choice thanks to great fuel economy and staggeringly good resale value, but it’s also a hoot to drive. We wouldn’t take the Cabrio on account of us not being secure enough with our masculinity, but a Mini is a Mini and we wouldn’t fault anyone for falling in love with the little British-German bastard. 

Would you pay the extra for the new Cabrio?