All-New BMW M5 Spotted on the ‘Ring


bmw-m5-spy-photo-1-thumb-555x370In terms of the 5-series, the all-new GT is pretty much getting all the lime light. It should take all the attention that it can get because recent spy shots are indicating that an all new M5 is on its way soon, which will surely take away the GT’s spotlight.

BMW is annoyingly good and comouflaging their upcoming cars, but they can’t hide the quad exaust in the rear nor the M styled front bumper.

Style is just a small, probably insignificant piece of the puzzle however. We’re more interested in what’s under the hood. Rumours are saying that the 4.4 litre twin turbo V8 found in the X5 M and the X6 M will take over from the naturally-aspirated 5 litre V10. Seems like a downgrade? Well, not exactly. The new unit in the X twins produces 555 horses and 500 pounds feet of torque. The V10 produces 500 horses and 383 foot torque. Finally, an M sedan with torquiness.

The “downgrade” in engine size likely has to do with new stricter fuel efficiency standards. In any event, the new engine will likely be BMW’s answer to the CTS-V….even though BMW supposedly doesn’t consider Cadillac to be competition.

Oh well, competition is always good for the consumer. Let’s see what you’ve got, BMW.

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