Through The Years: The Single Wiper Blade


Most of the cars that you and I drive on a daily basis have a pair of wiper blades to wick away moisture from our vehicle’s windscreens. But not all cars are fitted with a duo of blades, some have but a lonely, solitary wiper. This Lone Ranger of glass-cleaning has been fitted to more cars than you might realize. Here are four of the more notable examples.

1. Mercedes E-Class (W124/S124). Note the reciprocating action of the wiper blade. It moves up and down while it wipes side-to-side!

2. Tesla Roadster

3. Volkswagen Scirocco MkI. Designed by none other than Giorgetto Giugiaro, naturally.

4. Citroen BX. A mid-size sedan with uniquely Gallic design flourishes.

[Image credits: Tamerlane’s Thoughts (2), Mustang_V8/Flikr (3), Lars Trebing/Flikr (4)]

[Video credit: YouTube (1)]