Fifth Gear’s Jason Plato Manhandles Porsche 911 GT2 RS


Contemporary versions of the Porsche 911 have been tuned to be infinitely more docile, complacent, and manageable; essentially abolishing the legends of lift-off oversteer. Dentists and movie stars need no longer fear decreasing-radius corners. While the entry-level 911s have necessarily softened in efforts appeal to a broader clientele, the high-end versions of the enormous 911 range have set new benchmarks for power-to-weights ratios, straight-line speed, and blunt absurdity. No version of the 911 has ever been more alluringly absurd than the new GT2 RS, of which only 500 were produced and 500 now spoken for. Fifth Gear, the British car show with hosts who can actually drive, has taken a GT2 RS for a spin. They’ve put the 620 hp, twin-turbo Porker in the capable hands of Jason Plato, who is a pretty decent driver. Without further ado.