Where Did Gordon Murray Get The Idea For The T.25 City Car? Geese



But of course! Where else would one get an idea for a microcompact city car, but migratory birds.

This shouldn’t be a surprise to our astute readers though, Gordon Murray is a known aerophile.

This is evident in some of his previous contributions to the auto industry, including the McLaren F1. He also had a hand in designing the Mercedes SLR McLaren, but not as much as he would have had he one that tennis match against Peter Pfeiffer.

Follow below to see how his new project, the T.25 City car, compares against the McLaren F1. I think you’ll be surprised by the similarities to geese as well.

Ah yes, the Flying V. No, I’m not making a Mighty Ducks metaphor, I’m talking about the seating arrangement that featured the driver front and centre, just like in a Formula car, with the two passengers behind and on either side of the driver. This was a revolutionary seating arrangment in the McLaren F1. No one had done it before, nor since.


But since this particular tennis-playing aerophile doesn’t seem to be as creative as we might have hoped, he’s dug up an old idea for his new car. Not that it was a bad idea, it’s just not as revolutionary as it once was. The application of it is pretty unique though. Below is the McLaren F1’s seating arrangement.

McLaren F1-INTERIOR_Large

[Photo credits: Jalopnik, BBC, How Stuff Works]