Toyota FT-86 G Sport Concept at Tokyo Auto Salon


The Toyota FT-86, when it reaches production under the Celica badge, will be an automobile built with the same passion as the Lexus LFA but at 1/10th the cost. If this all sounds unlikely, even perverse, coming from the ever-austere Toyota brand, then you aren’t familiar with their new President and CEO, the grandson of company founder Kiichiro Toyoda, Akio Toyoda. Akio is on a hell-bent mission to bring excitement and enthusiasts back to the brand, starting with the LFA and continuing with the new Celica. As further proof of his commitment, as if any were needed after the LFA, Toyota will be showing the attendants at the Tokyo Auto Salon a tuned version of the FT-86 Concept. Dubbed the G Sport, this concept shows the potential of the new platform for the inevitable tuner frenzy that’s sure to follow the car’s official introduction.

Other than the tacky carbon fibre hood with those horrendous scoops, I think that Toyota has made a clean bit of kit. This car would be an enjoyable and reliable track companion to be sure.

[FT86club via Ryan O’Keefe]