The Single Most Badass Thing I Have Ever Seen



France, most of the vehicles you have produced over the years have been mediocre and uninspiring, but this makes up for all of it. I would like to thank the French for inventing the ACMA Troupes Aeról Portées Mle. 56. Operating on the principal that a small platform with an inordinate amount of firepower increases badassery (Think Arnold with a mini-gun), the post World War II French decided to mount a 75mm recoil-less rifle artillery piece on a Vespa, maximizing the firepower to platform size ratio.

That’s not all though, they added two more traits to increase sheer awesomeness to epic levels. Firstly, this is meant to fall from the sky. Paratroopers used these things. Secondly, it can be fired while moving by a skilled driver. The most amazing thing might be that these were effectively used in Indochina and Algeria. To sum up, someone decided to drop an artillery Vespa from the sky so that special forces could zip around while shooting 75mm rounds from their crotches, and was somehow completely successful.

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