The Ford Explorer Limerick Review


The 2011 Explorer takes an entirely different tack for Ford, certainly compared to its tire-exploding predecessors, so I’m going to take a similarly atypical approach with this review. It’s a limerick.

‘Tis proper to waft, not stomp

From up high the view is pure pomp

Blinks and beeps abound

Informing sir what’s around

The school run still trumps the swamp

To my mother, the architect and driver of a daffodil yellow ’98 A4 for the past 11 years, the Explorer seemed like an overwrought limousine. She flatly refused to believe that such a preponderance of utility and technology could be purchased so inexpensively.

2011 Ford Explorer Limited AWD Dorky Facts:

Price: from $29,999; $53,999 as tested

Engine: 3.5L V6

Power: 290hp @ 6,500RPM

Torque: 255 lb.-ft. @ 4,000RPM

Claimed fuel economy: 12.5L/100km city

Observed fuel economy: 15.6L/100km

0-100kph: 7.5 sec


First drive of the Explorer, where we flogged it in the Quebec countryside, is here.