Stirling Moss Returns From Beyond The Grave (2009 McLaren SLR Stirling Moss)



Well, at least his name has returned from beyond the grave. Stirling Moss, for those unfamiliar with motorsports history, won the 1955 Mille Miglia in a Mercedes 300SLR with the numbers 722 on it (indicating the start time of 7:22 am). Very famous. Now, Car and Driver, among others, are reporting that Mercedes has bestowed his great name on their final edition of the McLaren SLR.

Just look at the picture on the right. It is a staggeringly purposeful automobile. Maybe not the best for Canadian winters, but I haven’t seen something this evocative since Mazda released the Furai. This is probably the best interpretation of retro-futurism I’ve ever seen. The probably fake rivets on the front quarter-panels and the side exhausts nicely offset the modern interior and futuristic rear end. I guess someone at Mercedes has a heartbeat after all

Now that you’re prepped, check out the rest of the pics, the staggering price tag, and the qualifications you’ll need below. 


For starters, having the CDN $1.25 million isn’t good enough. You also need to be the proud owner of one of the other editions of the McLaren SLR. If you aren’t an owner already, the cheapest one we found was about CDN $300,000 on eBay. You’re ready to go! Oh, but there will only be 75 of these made. So if you want to beat out the Saudi Sheiks your fellow SLR-owning pals, we’d suggest getting your deposit in there sooner rather than later. 

Based on the SLR 722, but adding a carbon fibre body and removing the windscreen and roof, the SLR Stirling Moss will make it to 96 kph from a stop in 3.5 seconds and on to a top speed of 349 kph (217mph). Personally, I’d suggest a helmet with a full face mask when driving this thing. Heck, just throw on your full Stig attire and hop in. 

For those current Canadian (and non-Canadian, who are we kidding) SLR drivers reading this, drop us a line so we can drive that German-British bastard and share it with our fellow CarEnvy buddies. 

Check out the gallery to see more pictures and one seriously cool door design.