So, When Does Canada Get The Volt, Eh?



Despite GM’s cry for help, new innovated product from the General is still on track.

The Volt, touted as GM’s saviour, will not see the chopping block in GM’s restructuring plan and GM insists that it will not be delayed either. So, this begs the question, when can we try one out to see what all the fuss is about? 

The Amurricans will get their chance first, naturally, with an expected release date of November 2010.

We will have to wait the exact time it takes to have a baby (the Volt is a family car afterall) aka 9 months. That puts the Volt’s Canadian debut in July 2011, according to

There have been concerns about the Volt’s lithium battery not being able to withstand ridiculously cold temperatures, and for six months of the year in some parts of Canada, ridiculously cold temperatures are the norm.

Just to be sure it can withstand out climate, GM has Volt mules currently in Kapuskasing, Ontario, and it is working as expected. So we can all sleep a little easier at night now.

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