Schumacher: Not So Fast, Guys.


schuey290x3292 See this photo? It’s the closest Michael Schumacher is going to get to racing at Valencia after all. Unlike about 90% of everything else in the world of F1, it’s not a rumour, either. Schumacher said it himself.

It’s not entirely a surprise, although it is certainly sad. Unfortunately, the motorcycle accident Schumacher suffered back in February while testing in Cartagena caused long-lasting damage to his neck. He experienced significant pain during a private test at Mugello last week, and on Monday his doctor confirmed his fears: currently, he’s in no fit state for the ridiculous levels of g-force that F1 exerts on its drivers.

Instead, Ferrari have chosen longtime test driver Luca Badoer to race at Valencia alongside Kimi Räikkönen. Some are outraged that their other test driver, Marc Gené, was not chosen instead—especially since the European Grand Prix will be held at Valencia.

So don’t worry, Brawn GP boys. You’ve still only got Red Bull Racing and Lewis Hamilton to watch out for. ;)

[The Guardian; photo: Ferrari]