Rumour: BMW Tri-Turbo X5 Diesel



Now just imagine that M being replaced by an Md.

I’ve got my fingers triple crossed on this one. Just imagine three turbos on a BMW straight 6 diesel engine pumping out over 300 hp and 500 pound feet. Yes, it’s on an SUV/SAV/truck according to this particular rumour, but the amount of torque this thing would produce could shame a Duramax. Almost. And that’s something to write home about. Diesels are coming and BMW is at the forefront of the “Diesel Enthusiast Movement”. Ok, so I just made that “movement” up. But don’t laugh, it really could be the future.

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The word on the street is that the X5 will be the first recipient of this engine for a new Diesel Performance model. Personally, I think that this engine is a perfect candidate for a diesel M3. Think about 350 hp and 500 torques in a RWD coupe with all the balance and handling that the M division is famous for. The new division could be called Md, so as not to be confused with their petrol-powered siblings.

Current M cars are lamented/praised for their peaky and torqueless nature. Fitting this tri-turbo diesel into an M3 would give buyers on both sides of the argument something to go home with. Yes, no one laments the lack of torque in the new 555 hp X5 M and X6 M, but no one considers them real M vehicle anyways.

BMW, if you decide to use my Md moniker for a new Diesel Performance Division, all I ask it CDN$100 every time you slap it on the back of a vehicle and CDN$5 every time it’s printed in an ad. I’m just trying to be reasonable.