Porsche Cayenne Hybrid S: Cleaner, More Efficient, Still Ugly



Finally, some specs on the upcoming Porsche Cayenne Hybrid S. While this is good for the car’s fuel efficiency and cleanliness, the problem is that it is a still an enormous, ugly lump in the middle of Porsche’s otherwise gorgeous lineup. It’s simply offensive, and this is an attempt to make it less so. Hit the jump for a little information and a lot more ranting.

The hybrid is going to be sporting a supercharged 3.0L Audi V6 that produces 333 horse power and 324 foot-pounds of torque and a 52 horse-power 221 foot-pound of torque electric motor. What does it all mean? It means that the new green monster will do 0-100 in a little less than seven seconds, and can go 140 kph on electric power alone (it needs gas to get there, but not to stay), all while cutting emissions by 20% when compared to the regular Cayenne S.  The Cayenne Hybrid S will also feature what is being called an 8-speed transmission, but really looks more like it will be a 6-speed transmission with two overdrives. Not too shabby.

That said, I still think it’s ugly, especially the big, square back window. Just the other day I was sitting in Boogie Burger, one of my favorite burger joints and talking to a woman who worked there about the car. I said it was ugly, and she said she liked it because “it looks like a shoe.” While I can’t see how that looks like a shoe, this is unfortunately the most compelling argument for the car.

PS: You can bet we’ll see a Panamera Hybrid with the same powertrain in the near future.

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