Porsche 911 Sport Classic: Retro is apparently still in



You either agree with Richard Hammond regarding the Porsche 911 or with Jeremy Clarkson.  It is really a love or hate kind of sports car and a lot has to do with its style. The overall shape of the 911 has remained fairly consistant for a good 40 plus years now. Clarkson calls 911 designers lazy, while Hammond appreciates the evolution of the design.

Whatever your thoughts, Porsche does indeed have many different ways to spec a 911 and their latest offering supposedly caters to hardcore 911 enthusiasts alike: the Sport Classic.

Enter the reincarnation of the `duck-tail`, not to be confused with the `whale-tail` which was really just a oversized spoiler that looked like it had been chopped off a sperm whale. The ducktail is a more, ahem, erect looking spoiler… (I just used the words `sperm` and `erect` in the same paragraph about a Porsche`… I guess that means I`m part of the Hammond group that loves 911`s)

Joking aside, the Sport Classic will also feature a 6 speed manual only, a double-dome roof, a wider rear body on the rear axel (44 milimetres wider) and 19-inch classic 5 spoked alloy wheels. Also, exclusive “sport classic grey“ is the colour

Under the that ducktail is an increase of horsepower by 23 over the Carerra S (on which it is based) for a total of 408 ponies.

Only 250 will be made so act fast if you want one. The Sport Classic will make its debut at this year`s Frankfurt Auto Show and go for a price around, gulp, $250,000. That is proper coin. GT2 money. 

But then, the GT2 doesn`t have the ducktail.

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