Patented Doodles: Ferrari’s AWD Hybrid



The boys over at AutoblogGreen have done all the dirty work for us. Presumably, they’ve dug through thousands of patent filing documents to come up with this bit of news. And the world is a better place for it. 

Not wanting to leave Lamborghini with a monopoly on AWD Italian supercars, Ferrari is now working on an AWD system of its own, with a green-flavoured twist: it’s a hybrid! The green revolution claims another victim. This time, though, I’m not complaining. 

A gallery of more indecipherable doodles is after the jump. If you must know the technical details, head over to ABG. Me? I’m just too damn excited at the prospect of a hybrid, AWD, 612 Scaglietti-successor that I could drive in Edmonton 365 days a year.