Mansory-Sized Mistake (Porsche Cayenne Chopster)



What do you get when you throw all of the de rigeur styling and design elements onto a single, unsuspecting vehicle? A Mansory Chopster, that’s what. You’ve got your unpainted carbon fibre, your LEDs, your 23″ wheels, and your not-a-wagon, not-an-SUV body. Perfect! If you’re a Russian Oligarch with taste inversely proportional to your personal wealth, that is.

If CarEnvy wasn’t so poor, we’d make an award for “Biggest. Mistake. Evar.” and the Mansory Chopster would be a strong contender for the title. 

If you’re going on a blind date tonight and you really do want to show up blind, you can follow the jump for another pic of the Chopster.


You can’t say I didn’t warn you…

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