Italian Quality Even Worse Before Release (2012 Fiat Grande Punto)



We all know how much Italian cars enjoy being broken. But one still has to realize that all of those cars once went through a prototyping phase in which the engineers fixed as many of the vehicle’s problem as possible. This means that once upon a midnight dreary the Italian car’s reliability was even worse. The upcoming face-lifted Fiat Grande Punto is a bright, burning beacon of this unfortunate truth, and I’ll tell you why after the jump.

Because it was actually a bright, burning beacon of said unfortunate truth. Yes, the car decided to spontaneously combust shortly after the above picture was taken. Fiat has not made a statement as to why the car was on fire. While this doesn’t exactly make the car desirable, it does make it noticeable. No such thing as bad press?

Luckily they have until 2012 to figure out how to keep their car from burning for no apparent reason. Until then, the Focus can rest easy as long as it manages to stay below flash point.


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