Hydro-Québec to Test Mitsubishi iMiEV!


If you live in or near Boucherville, you might be seeing iMiEVs tooling around town very soon. Follow the jump for more.

At the 2010 Montreal International Auto Show, during Thursday’s media day, it was announced that Mitsubishi Canada and Hydro-Québec would be teaming up with Boucherville to bring 50 iMiEvs to local roads over the next four years. The program will start this fall, with municipal employees and local business owners alike helping to test how the iMiEVs function with real-world, everyday stresses and situations. Cold weather is obviously a big concern, and this will definitely be a fantastic test of how electric cars (and this one in particular) fare in our frigid Canadian winters.

Roll on, fall! Now, who in Boucherville wants to swap houses with me!? ;)

[The Montreal Gazette]