How Hard Can It Be? (1957 Mercedes 190SL)



Have you always wanted to cruise the boulevard in a drop-top Merc? Well here’s your chance! This Floridian seller is giving you a weiße Karte (carte blanche) to make your dreams come true. The seller makes the understatement of the day by mentioning that this 190SL “REMAINS A POTENTIALLOY INTERESTING CAR TO RESTORE”. But really, for someone as mechanically-inclined as you, how hard can it be?

While the bidding is at US$2,650 right now, the reserve isn’t met. Don’t worry though, this economy spares no one and we expect this seller to come to his senses so that you can make your boulevard-cruising dreams come true. I have to say that I’m surprised there’s any reserve for this rust-bucket gem. 


The great thing is that with no engine or transmission, you can put anything from a VW 2.0 TFSI to a BMW straight-six to a GM LS3 V8. Did I mention that a couple of other small things are missing? There’s no roof, no chrome, no interior, no steering wheel, no seats, no working brakes, and no windshield. Not that it’s a big deal, you just get to be more creative with your project. Plus, it means that you don’t have to deal with fickle and unreliable German electronics because they aren’t included! Besides, the seller says that “THE BODY SHELL, QUARTER PANELS/REAR END ARE VERY SOLID WITH SURFACE RUST THAT MAKES THEM LOOK WORST THEN IT REALLY IS”. So what if you can see through the floors? 

So not only is the body shell a lot better than it looks, but the hood, trunk lid, and doors are “PERFECT, NO DENTS, NON DAMAGE”. Thanks CAPS LOCK FAIRY!

Don’t let this opportunity for lasting misery joy pass you by, bid today!