Ferrari California Finally Smiles (2010 Mazdaspeed3)



The resemblance to the front end of the Ferrari California is striking. Really, if the California could smile, this is exactly what it would look like. But the similarities between the California and the upcoming 2010 Mazdaspeed3 end there. The new speed3 will debut in Geneva next month, but we’ve got a few leaked details and a teaser video to tide you over until then.

Interestingly, the new speed3 will use the same 2.3L DISI turbocharged engine as the current generation. This is contrary to speculation that the new 2.5L from the grinning 2009 Mazda3 would be put to work. No matter. This should still be the fastest hot hatch available when it makes it to Canada next year, STI notwithstanding. And it will hold that crown until the R20 and Focus RS get here. The current speed3 makes 260 hp and 280 torques and handles the power quite well considering that it is FWD. This new one should be even more impressive to drive, if not to look at. 

Personally, I can’t get over that ridiculous front end treatment. I’m all for the Nagare design language because I think that Mazda has come out with some of the bravest and more daring concepts in the last couple of years. The ferocious Furai immediately comes to mind as a success story for the Nagare theme. Sadly, when Nagare goes to production, it doesn’t quite work. First the new Mazda6, now this. It’s almost as if Mazda designers were only allowed to use bits and pieces of Nagare instead of designing the whole car with the “flow” language. Unfortunately, this makes for unattractive cars because there is simply a lack of cohesion; the car seems confused about how its supposed to look. 

Check back later for more details on the new Mazdaspeed3 as they become available.