F1 News: Red Bull Racing Will Have Diffusers For Monaco



Ahead of Monaco, an Austrian television program has quoted Sebastian Vettel as saying that Red Bull Racing does indeed have shiny new double diffuser systems ready for its cars for that race. Whether or not this development will give RBR the boost it needs to finally dominate Brawn GP remains to be seen.

In other news, you may wish to step behind the jump for other news. We do have some, we promise. :)

Further to Ferrari’s announcement last week of their intention to leave Formula One if the budget cap goes through as proposed, Piero Ferrari wants to make it clear that Ferrari’s management is very serious in their threat. Ferrari and the FIA have danced a very similar dance to this one a few times before, and in the end, Ferrari gets what Ferrari wants. It will only be shocking if Max Mosley and the FIA manage to stand their ground, and if I had a Magic 8 ball to consult, I’m quite sure that signs would indeed point to “no.”

Finally, waving from the back of the grid is Lewis Hamilton, who’s giving away a pair of his gloves in a contest where fans other than his dad are being quizzed on whether or not they remember who he is. Several other nice prizes are on offer as well, if you can answer the questions. So you might want to have a go after you’ve programmed your DVRs for Monaco.